Fantasy! Cartooning

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Sterling Publishing Company, Inc., 2005 - 95
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The sizzling hot author of Action! Cartooning (100,000 copies sold!) has created a truly "fantastic" second book: a visually eye-popping, covers-it-all manual on drawing and understanding fantasy art.

A former Marvel cartoonist and one of the most talented young artists in this very hip field, Ben Caldwell now delivers his thrilling follow-up to Action! Cartooning. Fantasy! Cartooning is ideal for all kids and adults who love the Lord of the Rings movies, anticipate the Christmas 2005 release of The Chronicles of Narnia film, or have ever read a Harry Potter book. As before, Ben does not merely teach readers how to draw a line here or a circle there; he provides much, much more. Artists will find true insider tips on how to create mind-blowing scenes, awe-inspiring monsters, bigger-than-life heroes, and really incredible, magical landscapes. And because Ben Caldwell knows the fantasy genre inside out, he explains all the complex stories and legends behind each image, too.

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I need animation done for a cartoon I have scripted but it is hard to find cheap help. So I am trying to learn to do some of the drawing myself and this looks like a good first step.Very nicely done includes markers and paper as well as detailed instructions and practice exercises. Przeczytaj pełną recenzję

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