Brilliant Baby Names: How to Choose a Name That You and Your Child Will Love for Life

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Pearson Prentice Hall Life, 2007 - 246

The name we are given by our parents has a big impact on us. Throughout our life, from the playground to the office, other people will make instinctive and subconscious assumptions about who we are just from our name. Therefore, finding a name that you like and suits your child is not easy, and the possibilities seem endless. So where do you start?

Brilliant Baby Names has all the answers and will help you to take the worry out of getting your baby's name just right. More than just an alphabetical list of popular names, Brilliant Baby Names is the ultimate guide to naming your baby.

Whether you're seeking or searching for help in handling disagreements or family expectations, this book can help. Packed with 1000s of names to review, each is listed with details on what they mean and their origin.

You'll re-discover traditional names that have been popular in the past; cool names where virtually anything goes; popular names that everyone's using; unusual names; celebrity names and famous names that the whole world will know.

As well as the name lists though, you'll find everything you need to remember and avoid when considering a name for your child. There's also detailed information on why choosing the right name is so important and how it may affect your child's opportunities in life. If you need more help or are looking for a namesake, you'll find extra inspiration in the lists of the 100 greatest names from cinema, literature, entertainment, sport and many more.

There's essential help and advice in handling and resolving any disagreements with your partner and managing family expectations, adn you'll find out what the law requires: when and how to register your child's name, how your legal name is used and what to do if you wish to change your child's name later. So, if you need help naming your baby, Brilliant Baby Names is the only book you'll need.

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