Bougainville Before the Conflict

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Anthony J. Regan, Helga-Maria Griffin
Pandanus Books, 2005 - 566
The essays in this collection are directed toward making information accessible to a generalist audience who recognize the intrinsic historical, cultural, and linguistic interest of Bougainville and who seek to enhance their understanding of one of the world's most successful peace processes.

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An Archaeological Perspective
Archaeological sites on Nissan Island mentioned in the text
The Geology of Bougainville
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A constitutional lawyer who specializes in constitutional development as part of conflict resolution, Anthony Reganhas lived in Papua New Guinea (PNG) for seventeen years and in Uganda for more than three years, and has advised the PNG government on decentralization policy and law, and been a full-time adviser on post-conflict constitutional development in Uganda. He has advised Bougainville parties in the peace process since 1994 and been involved in the Solomon Islands and Sri Lanka peace processes, the constitution-making process in East Timor, and advised Nagaland parties in their conflict with India. He was a senior fellow at the U.S. Institute of Peace from 2004 to 2005.

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