Bombshell: The Life and Death of Jean Harlow

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Doubleday, 1993 - 370
Her name epitomizes an era, a decade of Depression in which harsh reality created a demand for lush film fantasy - and no Hollywood star was as luscious or fantastic as Jean Harlow. She was MGM's most bankable asset, a blonde bombshell whose bleached hair, voluptuous body, and bawdy humor inspired a fervent cult following that remains to this day. Despite Harlow's blinding fame, the events of her life have been obscured by a fifty-year haze of secrets, lies, and silence. Until now. Finally, after years of research, critically acclaimed biographer David Stenn has unearthed the truth behind the improbable rise of this tow-headed tomboy from Kansas City, her huge success, and her tragic fall. Harlow's life was a host of contradictions. She was both "the Platinum Blonde", a woman who iced her nipples and bleached her pubic hair, and "the Baby", a shy, sweet woman-child who liked to hem-stitch on film sets. A bizarre cast of characters surrounded her, including Howard Hughes, Bugsy Siegel, George Cukor, and David O. Selznick, as well as Harlow's obsessive mother, her gigolo stepfather, and her second husband, Paul Bern, the mystery of whose grisly death is solved in Bombshell. Controversy also surrounds her death. How could a twenty-six-year-old star with no history of serious illness leave word with 'a cold' and die ten days later? Why, if her condition was critical, had she been confined to her home? Now, after fifty-six years, David Stenn has persuaded Harlow's family, friends, colleagues, and employers to break their silence and provide previously sealed legal, financial, and medical records, which solve the mystery of her death. His account is confirmed by scores of exclusive interviewswith eyewitness sources, including Harlow's nurses during the last days of her life. Exhaustively researched and compulsively readable, Bombshell will stand as the definitive Harlow biography.

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BOMB SHELL: The Life and Death of Jean Harlow

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Rather winning life of Jean Harlow, with some revisions on the tale offered by Samuel Marx and Joyce Vanderveen in Deadly Illusions (1990)—and many fresh interviews plus a handful of new folks ... Przeczytaj pełną recenzję

Bombshell: the life and death of Jean Harlow

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This is a scholarly yet magnetically readable study of one of the silver screen's legendary stars. Stenn's admirable research has uncovered many new documents and startling facts about Harlow from ... Przeczytaj pełną recenzję

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